The First Aid For Snake Bite, To Decrease The Effect And The Pain

Snake is a wild animal that can bite anyone around it. Thus, many people feel strange and afraid of the snake. People always try to avoid snakes to come up with their settlement, especially their house. They are afraid of the snake to bite and kill them or their babies and kids. But sometimes, snake stills come up to the settlement of humans to find the food. It makes human afraid and sometimes bite human to protect its life. Then, is the bite of snake dangerous for humans? How to give first aid for snake bite?

first aid for snake bite

The snake has many species that have a different character. Actually, not all snakes are dangerous. The dangerous thing about the snake is the poison and not all snakes have poison. The bite of the venomous snakes is very dangerous for humans. Therefore, we need to be aware if we have bitten by a venomous snake. Then, how to heal the snake bite?

1. Call The Medical Help

The most important first aid for snake bite, when you face someone bites by the snake is calling the medical help from the hospital. Describe and tell everything you know about the criteria of the snake. Tell complete information of the snake as complete as possible such as the color, shape, and others. Then, tell also the symptoms. Show the wound to the doctor and let them investigate it. Why we should aware? Because there is a chance that it is a venomous snake.

2. Move And Lie Down The Victim

The next thing while waiting for medical help has moved the victim and place him in a safe place. After moving the victim, you should lie down him. Put the wound below the heart. You may consider the position of the wound to minimize the effect of the poison and prohibit the poison affect the heart. Wait and keep this position until the medical help come.

3. Cover The Wound

Next, you need to cover the snake bite wound of the victim. Don’t cover it by tight, but cover it by loose. Make sure the bandage is clean and sterile. Don’t apply any kind of bandage without considering the clean. If the bandage is not clean or sterile, the bacteria inside can make worse the wound. The wound can get an infection and make more pain for the victim.

4. Move Anything From The Wound

If the victim gets bitten on the foot, remove the shoes. But if the victim gets bitten on the neck or hands, remove the jewelry and any accessories on the area of the bite. We should keep the wound safe. So that, the wound will not get worse of infection

To sum up, we cannot belittle any snakebite because we don’t know whether the snake is a venomous snake or not. Thus, we should give the first aid for snake bite to the victim. The safety of the victim is number one. Although there’s no one would wish for getting a snake bite, we still can try those aids and save the victim.