How to Wash Your Hands Properly to Prevent The Spread of COVID-19

Now the world is in an uproar with the COVID-19 outbreak that has almost infected the entire country. Moreover, the WHO recommends that everyone diligently wash their hands properly. So, this is the right time for you to know how to wash your hands properly to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

This is because many people have been washing hands carelessly. Washing your hands properly is one way to prevent the transmission of this dangerous virus. So, these are the steps you need to take to wash your hands properly:

1. Wet Hands with Water and Use Soap

When you wet your hands, make sure you wash them with clean, running water. Then, use enough handwashing soap to thoroughly. Not required to use a special soap, but it is better if you use hand-washing soap that has antiseptic or antibacterial.

This is because soap containing antiseptic or antibacterial can more quickly kill viruses and germs. However, if you only have the usual hand washing soap, you can also still use it.

2. Rub the Soap on the Palm

When you put soap on your hands, make sure you have put it thoroughly. After you make sure the soap you put thoroughly, rub your palms together in a circular manner. The goal is that the soap foam can clean your palms.

3. Rub the Back of the Hand

The next way how to wash your hands properly is by rubbing the back of the hand. Rub the back of your hand so that the soap can clean germs and viruses evenly. This is the part that is often missed because usually many people just rub their palms.

Make sure you rub and apply soap to all parts of the back of the hand evenly. Then, rub your palms together and between your fingers.

4. Rub The Fingers, Between Fingers And The Back of The Fingers

You can clean your fingers by doing interlaced positions. This position cannot only help clean your fingers but also clean between your fingers. Then, you can clean the back of the finger by interlocking. Make sure you clean all your fingers, both in your right hand and left hand.

After that, don’t forget to clean your thumb on your right hand and left hand. Make a circular motion to clean the thumb and do it alternately. You need to pay attention to this part because the thumb is often the part of the hand that is rarely cleaned properly.

5. Rub the Tip of the Nail

The tips of your fingers are the most likely parts of a virus or germ to hide in the skin of your hand. Especially if the germ or virus is covered by nails. Therefore, do not neglect to rub this part while washing your hands.

To clean the tips of the nails, clasp fingers the left hand in the right hand and vice versa. And then, do the rotational rubbing, backward and forwards, and make sure you clean all the tips of your right and left fingers. If you have children, make sure your children wash their fingertips properly because they often pass this part.

6. Rinse and Dry Your Hands

If you’ve done all the steps above about how to wash your hands properly above, rinse your hands. After all parts of the hands are clean, you can dry them with a towel or you can use disposable wipes. Wash the towel immediately that you use to dry your hands or throw the disposable tissue in the trash.

Now you already know how to wash your hands properly to prevent transmission of COVID-19. Wash your hands for at least 20 minutes so that the Coronavirus completely disappears from your hands. Also, avoid holding your eyes, nose, and face before washing your hands properly.

How To Prevent Stroke From Recurring? Here Are Things You Should Know!

Stroke is a disease that can recur. Once you suffer it, you risk getting it again after recovering. The second and so even usually worse than the first. That is why you need to know how to prevent stroke from recurring. Below are some of them.

1. Healthy Eating with Balance Nutrition

Balance nutrition is a food arrangement that watching to the suitability of nutrition with the body’s needs. Each country has its visualization of this that adjusts to the eating cultures. 

Generally, the nutritions you need are carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and water. You can get carbohydrates from rice, wheat, potato or cassava. And proteins come from meat, fish, and egg. Besides, milk, nuts, and the processed of them also contain protein.

Depending on how your body’s condition, some kind of them may need to be consumed more, and the other less. But most of the advice given said that it is better to consume less salt, sugar, and oil.

2. Doing Exercise and Physical Activity Routine

You don’t need to take an intensive class to do exercises. Just do some simple physical activities like go on foot and light gymnastics. What you need to make sure is your body is active and sweating.

You can also search for some exercise videos on the internet. Then try to do the motion. Set the schedule so you can do it regularly.

It is important to be routine and discipline. You will not get the benefits if you only do it once in a while. Keep it simple so you will not feel it like a burden. But if you are someone who has a problem with commitment, taking a class is not a bad way to choose.

3. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

If you get used to consuming alcohol, it is time to avoid it. Alcohol can increase the possibility to get a stroke if you consume it every day. And more often you consume it, more risk you will get.

For you who are already addicted, it may be hard to not drink it. But you can try to reduce consuming alcohol bit by bit. Take commitment and don’t forget to tell someone you trust to warn you to reduce consuming it.

4. Reduce Smoking

Smoking could cause a constriction of blood vessels. It will increase the risk of stroke because of blood clots. So, you need to stop at least reduce smoking.

Besides smoking, you also need to avoid being a passive smoker. Breathing the other people’s cigarette smoke are not better than smoking itself. 

5. Recognized Risk Factors

Stroke can happen when the blood flow to the brain is impairing. Most of it is caused by high blood pressure. But not limited to that, it also has some other risk factors that you need to pay attention to. Everyone can get a stroke with different causes.

Obesity, cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, and heart diseases are some of the causes of stroke. How to prevent stroke from recurring is by recognizing those risk factors. You need to know what the cause when you get a stroke for the first time. So, you can fix what to do.

How to prevent stroke from recurring is by keeping your lifestyle to be healthy. From what you consume for your body until the way you maintain your fitness. Another important thing is improving your knowledge about health. Let’s start a healthy lifestyle.

Can Pregnant Women Drink Soda And What Are The Effects?

Making a pregnant woman stay happy is one of the keys to making the baby happy too. One of the many ways to keep a pregnant woman happy is by giving them sweet drinks such as soda. However, some people have been asking can pregnant women drink soda or not. Because there are myths that soda contains high sugar and caffeine that will destroy the baby and make them big.

Before believing this is a myth or not, people should know the composition of sugar and caffeine in soda drinks. Averagely, in each bottle of soda, there is around 32 gram of caffeine and 11 grams of sugar. Whereas a pregnant woman can consume not more than 200 mg of caffeine and 50 grams of sugar. So, can pregnant women drink soda and is it safe? The answer is yes, however, make sure to drink it in a limit portion so it doesn’t cause any harm to the body. Therefore, if you want to drink soda, here are some things you should consider and know:

1. Safe for Pregnant Woman

The composition inside soda drinks is still less than the limit allowed. However, remember that in one day you also consume other kinds of foods and drinks that may consume caffeine and high sugar. This may cause you to consume more caffeine and sugar than the limit you should. Therefore, it is best to list down the foods or make a menu of what you will be eating each day.

2. Limit the Consumption of Soda

Can pregnant women drink soda, well they can if they don’t drink too much. Consuming too much caffeine and soda isn’t good for a normal body, so it is also not good for a pregnant woman. Therefore, if you want to consume soda, drink them like once a week or once a month. Just make sure not to consume too much so that it doesn’t danger your baby inside.

3. Effect of too Much Sugar in Soda

A pregnant woman needs steady insulin levels in their body for the growth of their baby. If a woman consumes too much soda, which has a high level of sugar it can disturb the growth of the baby. Sugar presented in soda can increase blood sugar that will insulin to burst. This will, of course, disturb the baby inside your stomach. Not only that, but too much sugar can also lead to obesity that can harm the baby.

4. Effect of too Much Caffeine in Soda

Soda contains high caffeine, which can raise the blood pressure of a pregnant woman. Consuming caffeine can also cause insomnia to a person, which is the potential to cause constipation and dehydration. Therefore, make sure to consume as minimum as possible so that it doesn’t harm the baby.

5. Carbonated Water for Pregnant Women Health

All soda is made from carbonated water, which can affect your bone health. Without consuming soda, a pregnant woman usually faces back pains already. So, the more you consume soda, the more possibility you will feel more back pain.

Overall, can pregnant women drink soda or not depends on their health and condition. If you do want to consume soda, make sure to control your food consumption on the other menu. Make sure you don’t consume too much sweet and caffeine at one time. Because remember soda contains high caffeine and sugar inside the drink.

Tips For Consistent Weight Loss So As Not To Fail

Having an ideal body shape is indeed a dream of many people. However, many also find it difficult to get into shape even though they have made a lot of effort. This can be caused by the wrong way you take to get the ideal body shape and weight. Therefore, here are some tips for consistent weight loss.

1. Have a Diet Purpose

Diet is one of the ways that most people do to lose weight. There are various diet methods that appear in the community where everything is good to do. Even so, but many people fail to go on a diet and make it unsuccessful in having their ideal body.

This happens because there is no purpose for people to go on a diet. These goals will underlie someone to go on a diet. For example, a person must go on a diet because he has a fairly serious disease. Then the person must go on a diet in earnest. Therefore, if you have a point to go on a diet then you will not be careless in doing it.

2. Make determination and intention

One of the tips for consistent weight loss is to make determination and intention. A process has 3 cycles that start from desire then becomes determination which will finally produce results. Losing weight by dieting or exercise does look easy but if you don’t have a firm determination, then in 2 or three days you will stop it all.

Therefore, by having a determination and intention to lose weight you will not be easily tempted to stop doing it. In addition, you also have to be disciplined with yourself when going on a diet. Don’t forget to go on a diet regularly to get perfect results.

3. Depend on Yourself

Other tips for consistent weight loss are self-reliant. When you are trying to lose weight, then the thing you have to do is to depend on yourself. You cannot force others to continue to motivate you to continue on a diet if there is no determination and desire for discipline.

Basically, the success of someone in doing something is because of the person himself. For that in doing weight loss, you must depend on all of that effort on yourself. Try hard to always be obedient and loyal in your diet and remember your goal to go on a diet when you want to stop doing it.

4. Stay Away From The Food You Like

Other tips for consistent weight loss are to keep away from foods that you like. Storing preferred foods is one reason why your diet fails. Even though no matter how hard the effort and determination you have made if there is food that you like then you will tend to eat the food.

Therefore, it is important to distance yourself from the foods that you like. It’s good to save these foods and eat them if the diet is done is complete. So you don’t need to feel sorry for food if you have to throw it away.

Those are some tips for consistent weight loss that you must do. Although losing weight is not easy, it all goes back to yourself. With determination and a strong intention, and always remembering your initial goal to lose weight, it is certain that your efforts will not be in vain.

Diet Menu For Colonoscopy You Better Follow Through

There are lots of vital organs that should be protected. The colon becomes one of these vital organs. As a human you have to protect it as well as possible, right? However, you might get a complaint in your colon. Therefore, colonoscopy has appeared. It is the medical procedure to detect any abnormalities in your colon. So, you can do preventive action for your colon. One of these actions is doing a diet. It is why you should know about the diet menu for colonoscopy.

As you know there are lots of diet menus right now. But sometimes that diet menu is no suitable for your body condition. If you have a colonoscopy, you should choose a different diet menu, right? In addition, it also helps you to keep healthy in the colonoscopy period. Here are the diet menus that you can try.

1. White Fish

This is one of the diet menus that you can try. White Fish is one of the soft fish suitable for you. After a colonoscopy, the doctor will recommend you to eat soft food, right? Therefore, white fish can be the best food for you. You also will get the protein from the fish. In addition, you still in the diet procedure for your colonoscopy.

2. Potatoes Without Skin

One of the important things in the diet menu is carbohydrates. Therefore, potatoes can be one of the best carbohydrates for you. But, you have to remember that you have to peel your potatoes before. If you peeled your potatoes, it will be the best diet menu for colonoscopy for you. As you know that potato with skin avoids for colonoscopy. You will get a bad effect if you eat potatoes with the skin.

3. Ripe Bananas

As you know before that doctor recommends you to eat soft food. This applies to all types of food including fruit. Therefore, ripe bananas will be the best fruit for you. If you are a juice lover, you can juice it too. In addition, the ripe bananas also will help your colon be better soon.

4. Eggs

It is one of the other protein that you can eat. Besides white fish, you can also find lots of protein in the eggs. It can be your alternative food if you don’t get white fish. You can find 13gram protein in the one egg. For your diet menu, you can eat this egg every morning. It will also help your colon to recover from its complaint. It can be the best diet menu for colonoscopy, right?

5. Soup

Are you soup lovers? Don’t be afraid, you still can eat soup after coloscopy. Soup also one of the recommended food for you. But, not every soup you can eat. You have to choose soft soup for your coloscopy. You can not eat spicy soup for your coloscopy. Spicy soup has a bad effect on your colon.

Diet Menu For Colonoscopy You Better Follow ThroughThose are the best diet menu for colonoscopy that you can try. Some of these foods are really healthy food. You will get lots of vitamins from these foods, right? But, the most important thing is to avoid spicy and hard food. Spicy and hard food will give a bad effect on your colon. So, prove it now and get your healthy body.

How To Remove Pox Scars Naturally With Home Remedies

Once in a lifetime, someone surely gets chickenpox (or also called as “pox”), usually as a kid. Varicella is a virus that causes this disease. The symptoms are skin rash, itchy, small blisters, then finally become scabs. When you are in recovery, your skin will have scars. For some people, it is annoying because the scars are in your face, hand, and other visible parts. Here, you can find how to remove pox scars naturally without using medicine or treatment in a beauty clinic.

how to remove pox scars naturally

The most remedy people do is using Retinol cream. It is powerful because contains vitamin A which effectively boosts collagen production. There is also glycolic acid, so when both of them are combined, the cream will perfectly cure the scars. However, those contents are available in natural ingredients, such as lemon, honey, coconut oil, and many more. See our tips below about how to remove pox scars naturally using home remedies:

1. Lemon

You probably already know that lemon has a rich of vitamin C. It helps you to treat the scars very well. Cut the lemon, then rub on the scars. Let the juicy flows, it is better if you squeeze at the same time. Wait up to 10 minutes, so your skin absorbs the lemon. Rinse the area with cold water. You can do this every day until the scars disappear.

2. Honey

For those who usually make home-made skincare must know the benefit of honey. Honey contains hydrogen peroxide which lightens skin color and solves the hyperpigmentation. If you want to use honey, it is better before sleep. Cover your scars with the honey, then leave it all night. When you wake up in the morning, wash that area with warm water. Make this as your routine and you will get your skin back.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar is a fast way to cure the scars. But before you apply it on the scars, you should wash and make sure the surface is clean. Distilled water, then pour into a small glass. Take two until four tablespoons of this vinegar. Stir it until mixed well, after that, dip a cotton ball inside. Wipe your scars with it and let the skin dry. Just like using honey, do this before sleep and rinse in the morning.

4. Coconut Oil

When you decide to use coconut oil, you will get many benefits from it. Coconut oil doesn’t only cure the scars but also moisturize the skin at the same time. Some people choose this home remedy as their early treatment. Heat a tablespoon of coconut oil until it gets melt. Once it is warm, cover your scars and massage. It will be absorbed in 10 minutes. Do the same thing twice a day.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is also popular for the skincare, including for curing the scars. The gel will calm the inflammation, so when you get an itch, we recommend you to use aloe vera. Remove the dark green leaf to get the bright transparent gel inside. Then, apply directly to the scars. Indeed, it would be sticky, but just let it be for about 30 minutes. After that, rinse under the water flow. Do this every day, it is better before you take a bath.

Taking a natural remedy takes a longer time than you use medicine or special treatment. But it doesn’t mean this natural way is not worth. You can see the doctor if the scars get worse or nothing good progress. All about how to remove pox scars naturally above is the early treatment at your home.

Relive Jumanji Through New Branded Online Slot

Another marked slot game is constantly welcome news. What’s more, when that slot game is Jumanji, the news gets greater. The NetEnt video slot, titled Jumanji, which just went live, depends on the 1995 dream experience film that was a blockbuster hit. The brand was restored when the spin-off subtitled Welcome to the Jungle was discharged a year ago. The marked video slot is live at all NetEnt fueled online club like InterCasino.

In the motion picture, Jumanji is a table game that transports players into genuine undertakings highlighting wild creatures. The NetEnt video slot online sublimely makes the environment and energy of the motion picture. The reels are laid in a prepackaged game that is set in the room where it was really played in the motion picture. The reels have a hexagonal structure of 3-4-5-4-3 with 36 fixed paylines. The lucrative images are the wilderness animals that you will perceive from the film. They incorporate lion, rhino, crocodile and pelican. The low images are the playing card symbols. The Wild logo is the wild image and the Jumanji game box is the disperse image.

There are energizing topical highlights that might be arbitrarily activated on any turn in the base game. In the Sticky Vines highlight every single winning image and wild images stick on the reels and the rest of the images respin. In the Monsoon Wilds include you will get a couple of wild reels. The Monkey Mayhem include first honors payouts. At that point the images are arbitrarily reshuffled yet will ensure a second payout. In the Wild Stampede highlight rhinos surge over the reels, similarly as they did in the motion picture, and add from 4 to 9 wild images.

At least three disperse images trigger the reward Board Game. You move a token on the board as indicated by the number moved by a couple of bones winning free twists highlights. There are four highlights that capacity in primary simply like the arbitrarily activated base game highlights. Yet, you can win more than that. On the off chance that the token terrains on the Mystery Feature, at that point you will win a coin win up to 10x the wager or two additional shakers rolls or one of the free twists highlights. You can win more than one free twists highlight when the Board Game is activated, yet a similar component won’t be rehashed. The quantity of bones rolls that are granted will rely upon the quantity of disperse images in the activating twist.

The First Aid For Snake Bite, To Decrease The Effect And The Pain

Snake is a wild animal that can bite anyone around it. Thus, many people feel strange and afraid of the snake. People always try to avoid snakes to come up with their settlement, especially their house. They are afraid of the snake to bite and kill them or their babies and kids. But sometimes, snake stills come up to the settlement of humans to find the food. It makes human afraid and sometimes bite human to protect its life. Then, is the bite of snake dangerous for humans? How to give first aid for snake bite?

first aid for snake bite

The snake has many species that have a different character. Actually, not all snakes are dangerous. The dangerous thing about the snake is the poison and not all snakes have poison. The bite of the venomous snakes is very dangerous for humans. Therefore, we need to be aware if we have bitten by a venomous snake. Then, how to heal the snake bite?

1. Call The Medical Help

The most important first aid for snake bite, when you face someone bites by the snake is calling the medical help from the hospital. Describe and tell everything you know about the criteria of the snake. Tell complete information of the snake as complete as possible such as the color, shape, and others. Then, tell also the symptoms. Show the wound to the doctor and let them investigate it. Why we should aware? Because there is a chance that it is a venomous snake.

2. Move And Lie Down The Victim

The next thing while waiting for medical help has moved the victim and place him in a safe place. After moving the victim, you should lie down him. Put the wound below the heart. You may consider the position of the wound to minimize the effect of the poison and prohibit the poison affect the heart. Wait and keep this position until the medical help come.

3. Cover The Wound

Next, you need to cover the snake bite wound of the victim. Don’t cover it by tight, but cover it by loose. Make sure the bandage is clean and sterile. Don’t apply any kind of bandage without considering the clean. If the bandage is not clean or sterile, the bacteria inside can make worse the wound. The wound can get an infection and make more pain for the victim.

4. Move Anything From The Wound

If the victim gets bitten on the foot, remove the shoes. But if the victim gets bitten on the neck or hands, remove the jewelry and any accessories on the area of the bite. We should keep the wound safe. So that, the wound will not get worse of infection

To sum up, we cannot belittle any snakebite because we don’t know whether the snake is a venomous snake or not. Thus, we should give the first aid for snake bite to the victim. The safety of the victim is number one. Although there’s no one would wish for getting a snake bite, we still can try those aids and save the victim.

What To Eat When Have Sore Throat? Try These 5 Foods!

Sore throat is an inflammatory condition in the pharynx, which is the back of the throat. This condition causes pain and discomfort when eating. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you are confused about what to eat when have sore throat.

What to eat when have sore throat

Pain when swallowing sometimes makes it difficult for people with a sore throat and refuse to eat and drink. Whereas, the body still needs nutrition to support healing from the disease. If you are still asking what to eat when have sore throat, here are the foods that you should consume:

1. Broth Soup

The broth soup will provide comfort and the steam will help relieve breathing. These foods also contain healthy nutrients and antioxidants. Garlic in this soup will help reduce inflammation. This is because garlic contains antibacterial, which can increase the body’s immunity.

Add turmeric to the broth soup to get curcumin, which suppresses inflammation. Curcumin performance will be more effective if you add piperin. You can get piperine from black pepper, which will help heal your sore throat.

2. Sweet Potato and Cinnamon

Sweet potatoes have two main substances in enhancing the body’s immune system. The main substances are vitamins A and C. Sweet potatoes also contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. Its soft texture is also comfortable for consumption when sore throat.

To make it taste even better, you can also add cinnamon powder. Cinnamon can help fight viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the throat. Mix the sweet potato mixture, mash it with spices, and add honey.

3. Banana and Oatmeal

Antioxidants and magnesium in oats will reduce inflammation. In addition, the zinc content will improve the body’s immune system. The fiber is also filling and easy for your body to digest.

Add bananas to oatmeal for vitamin C content and antioxidants. Both of these foods are also very soft, so it’s easy for you to swallow. Now, you already know what to eat when have sore throat, right?

4. Smoothie

You can make smoothies with complete ingredients; for example, you can mix some fruits and vegetables. In addition to being full, this smoothie can also be your daily nutritional needs. This is suitable for those of you who are lazy to eat or have difficulty in swallowing food.

You will get protein, carbohydrates, good fats, and vitamins if you consume smoothies. If you want something more filling, you can choose fruits or vegetables that have a lot of carbohydrate content.

5. Honey

This is most appropriate to relieve coughing, inflammation, or sore throat. The natural sweet ingredient in honey is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. No wonder if honey has properties that are equivalent to sore throat medicine.

If you prefer organic ingredients, Manuka honey or raw honey can be an option because it contains high-quality antibiotics. Add honey to the tea or oatmeal, or drink it directly to cure your sore throat.

Those are 5 foods that can heal your sore throat. Now you don’t need to be confused anymore about what to eat when have sore throat. Choose soft foods that are easy for you to swallow. Avoid foods that contain lots of oil so that your pain doesn’t get worse.

Home Remedies For Rheumatoid Arthritis Are Easy To Find

Rheumatoid arthritis or more known as RA is a disease that attacks the joints of the fingers and toes on both sides of the body. Because the exact cause is unknown, it is rather difficult to find the right type of medication to cure rheumatism. But fortunately, there are drugs that can relieve the symptoms. The following are some of the home remedies for rheumatoid arthritis.

home remedies for rheumatoid arthritis

1. Doing Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is the first step you can try to reduce the symptoms of rheumatism. Not only reduce fatigue, but exercise can also strengthen muscles and improve the ability to move joints. In addition, regular exercise can also reduce the risk of osteoporosis and prevent depression. Both of these conditions are usually also experienced by sufferers of rheumatism.

In order to protect the joints, avoid high impact sports that require a lot of energy and burdens the joints. In essence, arthritic joints must always move to maintain flexibility, range of motion, and maintain normal function.

2. Cold And Hot Compresses

Compressing the part that hurts with ice and warm water is one of the home remedies for rheumatoid arthritis. Hot compresses can reduce pain by relaxing sore muscles and joints. While cold compresses can eliminate pain and reduce swelling and inflammation of the joints.
How to practice arthritis treatment with this compress is to compress the part of the body that hurts with a towel soaked in warm water.

Then compress with a towel containing chunks of ice. Do this alternately for up to 15 or 20 minutes. But to note is, do not put a hot compress when the inflamed area is reddish and feels hot when held. Also, avoid using cold compresses if you experience circulation disorders.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is an herbal ingredient that can overcome the symptoms of rheumatism. Curcuma is delicious in turmeric, contains anti-inflammatory potential and anti-gout. Besides turmeric can prevent arthritis by blocking certain cytokines and enzymes that cause inflammation. How to treat rheumatism with turmeric is to cook 1 liter of water, then add 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder and boil for another 10 minutes.

Allow to cool, and drink 1-2 times a day. Or you can also sprinkle turmeric powder in daily cooking to maximize its usefulness. However, avoid consuming too much turmeric because besides it can thin the blood, this natural ingredient can also cause stomach pain.

4. Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar is another from the list of home remedies for rheumatoid arthritis. This material is believed to overcome rheumatic symptoms. The content of apple vinegar such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus can help reduce pain and inflammation. The trick is to add 1 tablespoon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar (raw and unfiltered) along with 1 teaspoon of honey to ½ cup of warm water.

Drink once a day. In addition, you can also apply apple cider vinegar to the area of the joint that has arthritis. After that, massage that area with warm castor oil. Finally, wrap the section with cotton and plastic cloth.

5. Onion

Onions contain a very strong anti-inflammatory agent, which can be used as a rheumatic herbal remedy. Onions work by blocking the production of cytokines (substances that cause inflammation) so that the swelling and pain due to rheumatism can be reduced.

For rheumatism sufferers, fresh and raw onions are the most recommended. You can eat 1-2 cloves of onion every day, or consume them in capsule form. For the exact dosage, please consult a doctor.

Those are some of the home remedies for rheumatoid arthritis that are easy to get. Although this disease is not yet known the exact cause, there are some things that can reduce these symptoms.