Can Pregnant Women Drink Soda And What Are The Effects?

Making a pregnant woman stay happy is one of the keys to making the baby happy too. One of the many ways to keep a pregnant woman happy is by giving them sweet drinks such as soda. However, some people have been asking can pregnant women drink soda or not. Because there are myths that soda contains high sugar and caffeine that will destroy the baby and make them big.

Before believing this is a myth or not, people should know the composition of sugar and caffeine in soda drinks. Averagely, in each bottle of soda, there is around 32 gram of caffeine and 11 grams of sugar. Whereas a pregnant woman can consume not more than 200 mg of caffeine and 50 grams of sugar. So, can pregnant women drink soda and is it safe? The answer is yes, however, make sure to drink it in a limit portion so it doesn’t cause any harm to the body. Therefore, if you want to drink soda, here are some things you should consider and know:

1. Safe for Pregnant Woman

The composition inside soda drinks is still less than the limit allowed. However, remember that in one day you also consume other kinds of foods and drinks that may consume caffeine and high sugar. This may cause you to consume more caffeine and sugar than the limit you should. Therefore, it is best to list down the foods or make a menu of what you will be eating each day.

2. Limit the Consumption of Soda

Can pregnant women drink soda, well they can if they don’t drink too much. Consuming too much caffeine and soda isn’t good for a normal body, so it is also not good for a pregnant woman. Therefore, if you want to consume soda, drink them like once a week or once a month. Just make sure not to consume too much so that it doesn’t danger your baby inside.

3. Effect of too Much Sugar in Soda

A pregnant woman needs steady insulin levels in their body for the growth of their baby. If a woman consumes too much soda, which has a high level of sugar it can disturb the growth of the baby. Sugar presented in soda can increase blood sugar that will insulin to burst. This will, of course, disturb the baby inside your stomach. Not only that, but too much sugar can also lead to obesity that can harm the baby.

4. Effect of too Much Caffeine in Soda

Soda contains high caffeine, which can raise the blood pressure of a pregnant woman. Consuming caffeine can also cause insomnia to a person, which is the potential to cause constipation and dehydration. Therefore, make sure to consume as minimum as possible so that it doesn’t harm the baby.

5. Carbonated Water for Pregnant Women Health

All soda is made from carbonated water, which can affect your bone health. Without consuming soda, a pregnant woman usually faces back pains already. So, the more you consume soda, the more possibility you will feel more back pain.

Overall, can pregnant women drink soda or not depends on their health and condition. If you do want to consume soda, make sure to control your food consumption on the other menu. Make sure you don’t consume too much sweet and caffeine at one time. Because remember soda contains high caffeine and sugar inside the drink.