How To Prevent High Cholesterol Easily Since Now

Cholesterol can make your body feel bad. If the bad cholesterol is high, you will be easier to get sick, and hard to recover. Before it happens, here are 6 things of how to prevent high cholesterol that you can easily do every day.

1. Drink A Lot Of Water

Water sometimes be an essential thing for the body but forgotten by people. They rather drink coffee, tea, or alcohol than water.

The first answer while you asking how to prevent high cholesterol is to drink more water. This simple thing can make your digestive system work better.

It can push out any toxic inside your body. Any unnecessary things also can be pushed out easier with water.

Furthermore, it also can unleash your blood circulation. If you are going to prevent some illnesses or heal it, mineral water really can help you a lot.

2. Eat More Vegetable And Fruit

Then, you can eat more healthy food like vegetables and fruit. This is a great choice to make while you are still young.

Vegetable has a lot of vitamin and some minerals. It can prevent some dangerous illnesses. Even the taste is not better than junk food, the habit to eat vegetable can guide you to a healthier life.

Vegetable and fruit actually can let your stomach feel full longer. It can prevent you to eat more junk food.

High cholesterol probability also can decrease because vegetables and fruit don’t bring too much cholesterol cause. Eat them every day, twice or in all of your eating time then find out that your body is more fresh and healthy.

3. Do Sport

The third things about how to prevent high cholesterol are by doing sport. You can choose whatever kind of sport you do.

If you like swimming, running, or anything else just make it a routine. Sport can help your body to stay fit.

It unleashes your blood circulation, pushes out the toxins through your sweat and also makes your muscles trained well. With more movement, by doing sport your body will feel lighter.

4. Eat More Omega 3 Food

Omega 3 definitely has a great value for health. It has omega 3 fatty acid which can increase your good cholesterol.

It won’t help you a lot while the bad cholesterol number is high. It won’t decrease them. But before it goes high, you can eat more omega 3 fatty acids to increase the good cholesterol.

This fatty acid exists in some fish, such as salmon, tuna, and any other fish which can easily meet in restaurants or markets. You can use those fish to replace beef or pork in your meal menu.

5. Reduce Eating Fatty Beef

Fatty beef contains some nutrient which can increase your bad cholesterol. If you really want to eat beef, choose the less fat one.

Fat from the beef can ruin the heart’s work. It also hard to digest because there is less fiber in it.

It would be better if you can balance the beef-eating with vegetables, fruit, and drink more water. You must do some sport too after eating this food to help your digestive and blood circular works well.

6. Drink Green Tea

The next thing you can do to prevent high cholesterol os by drinking green tea. You can drink a cup every day.

Nutrients inside green tea can reduce bad cholesterol absorption to the body. If the absorption is decreased, the body will prevented from high cholesterol automatically.

More than that the green tea also has some benefit for health and has a fresh taste. You will like to drink it every day just like the ancient people did.

Preventing cholesterol must be done since you were young. Don’t wait for any longer to do this because if its too late, the bad cholesterol will ruin your health.

Those are 6 things of how to prevent high cholesterol you can do every day. Once again, don’t wait until old, just start now and have a healthy life.