How To Prevent Stroke From Recurring? Here Are Things You Should Know!

Stroke is a disease that can recur. Once you suffer it, you risk getting it again after recovering. The second and so even usually worse than the first. That is why you need to know how to prevent stroke from recurring. Below are some of them.

1. Healthy Eating with Balance Nutrition

Balance nutrition is a food arrangement that watching to the suitability of nutrition with the body’s needs. Each country has its visualization of this that adjusts to the eating cultures. 

Generally, the nutritions you need are carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and water. You can get carbohydrates from rice, wheat, potato or cassava. And proteins come from meat, fish, and egg. Besides, milk, nuts, and the processed of them also contain protein.

Depending on how your body’s condition, some kind of them may need to be consumed more, and the other less. But most of the advice given said that it is better to consume less salt, sugar, and oil.

2. Doing Exercise and Physical Activity Routine

You don’t need to take an intensive class to do exercises. Just do some simple physical activities like go on foot and light gymnastics. What you need to make sure is your body is active and sweating.

You can also search for some exercise videos on the internet. Then try to do the motion. Set the schedule so you can do it regularly.

It is important to be routine and discipline. You will not get the benefits if you only do it once in a while. Keep it simple so you will not feel it like a burden. But if you are someone who has a problem with commitment, taking a class is not a bad way to choose.

3. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

If you get used to consuming alcohol, it is time to avoid it. Alcohol can increase the possibility to get a stroke if you consume it every day. And more often you consume it, more risk you will get.

For you who are already addicted, it may be hard to not drink it. But you can try to reduce consuming alcohol bit by bit. Take commitment and don’t forget to tell someone you trust to warn you to reduce consuming it.

4. Reduce Smoking

Smoking could cause a constriction of blood vessels. It will increase the risk of stroke because of blood clots. So, you need to stop at least reduce smoking.

Besides smoking, you also need to avoid being a passive smoker. Breathing the other people’s cigarette smoke are not better than smoking itself. 

5. Recognized Risk Factors

Stroke can happen when the blood flow to the brain is impairing. Most of it is caused by high blood pressure. But not limited to that, it also has some other risk factors that you need to pay attention to. Everyone can get a stroke with different causes.

Obesity, cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, and heart diseases are some of the causes of stroke. How to prevent stroke from recurring is by recognizing those risk factors. You need to know what the cause when you get a stroke for the first time. So, you can fix what to do.

How to prevent stroke from recurring is by keeping your lifestyle to be healthy. From what you consume for your body until the way you maintain your fitness. Another important thing is improving your knowledge about health. Let’s start a healthy lifestyle.