How to Remove Headache Instantly at the Office

Headache can come anytime, no matter when you are in meeting with the client, running the deadline, or briefing your team. Headache is a problem that actually no need to be worried. But, once it gets harder and followed by other symptoms, then you need to see the doctor. However, there are a lot of things you can do as the first aid. In this article, you can find how to remove headache when you are at the office.

Of course, a headache might come due to stress. So, you need to manage your stress throughout the day. Spreading the task, manage the deadline, and have an effective workflow can help you to minimize headache attack. But if the headache finally comes, below are our tips about how to remove headache easily. Try one of them and hopefully can heal the pain:

1. Get Caffeine

Taking some caffeine is not only relax your mind but also can reduce the headache. The caffeine will work like acetaminophen in your body. Surprisingly, the caffeine is better than that medicine. You can get caffeine from anything, not only coffee, it could be from tea, chocolate, and many more. But remember, you need to set the limit. If you take it too much, you probably get the other type of headache.

2. Stop Chewing

While you are having the caffeine, try not to chew anything. You might think that chewing something can release the pain. Well, that is totally wrong because the headache probably comes from your teeth. When you are using it and the nerves are attacked. So, just drink more water and avoid biting food, especially the hard ones.

3. Control the Lights

Dimming the light is another solution too. A headache can come from the light, such as your computer radiation, too bright the lamp, or even the sunlight. That is why some people need sunglasses when they are outside. The longer you allow your headache because of the light, you potentially get blackout.

4. Ease Pressure

A woman sometimes makes a ponytail for their hair. When you feel a headache, it is better to release the pressure. Or, just take off your ponytail for a while. The headache is probably from the tight ponytail. The other pressures might come from the hat, swim glasses, or a headband. Anything that hugs your head tightly may be the cause of the pain.

5. Get a Cold Pack

A cold pack can help the headache. You can ask the office boy/girl to take the ice cube bag. After that, put it on your head for about 15 minutes. Have a break for a while, then put it again until the pain is reduced. Move to the forehead side and do the same thing. It will relax you at the same time too.

The other easiest way is by having a massage. It will help to relax the tight nerve. But we know that it is quite difficult to massage your head and back neck while the headache is attacked. The tips about how to remove headache above are easy to do. If the pain is already gone, don’t work directly after that. Have a little more time to break and get your balance back.