How to Stop Nose Bleed As Home Remedy

Maybe one day you will find your nose bleeding. It is okay and doesn’t be too worried. As you know that inside your nose there are blood vessels. Those small vessels potentially bleed by many causes. For example, when your nose gets hit, the nose gets dried out, and others. If you are at home, you still can do the treatment as first aid. In this article, we will let you know how to stop nose bleed alone at home.

However, the nose bleed can be a symptom as a serious problem. When the blood doesn’t stop for more than 20 minutes and the blood is getting more and more, then you need to see the doctor immediately. Or, if you are getting hard to breath, there is no excuse more not to go to the hospital. But once you see the blood comes out, here are how to stop nose bleed:

1. Watch Your Sit Position

If you see your nose bleeding when you are standing, then take a sit right away. Sit upright and try to lean forward slowly. This position prevents the blood goes down to your throat. Because you will be choking or vomiting once it happens. We know that you will be hard to breathe. So, focus to inhale and exhale through your mouth. Be calm and manage your breath.

2. Don’t Pack Your Nose

Some people take a tissue, small towel or cotton bud, then push the nose to stop the blood. Actually, this doesn’t help you at all. Instead of trying to stop bleeding, just wipe the blood when it comes out. If you push up your nose, that will make everything is worse. Because the vessels will get irritated and your blood won’t stop.

3. Spray a Decongestant

If you have a decongestant, then take it and spray to your nose. The decongestant could be Afrin or something that can tighten blood vessels inside your nose. Besides it helps to make the bleeding slower, the decongestant relieves inflammation and congestion too. You can spray it three times to the nose where the blood comes out.

4. Pinch Your Nose

Pinching your nose softly can also stop the bleeding. Pinch at the below of nasal bones for up to 10 minutes. It helps to compress the blood vessels and stop the blood. Don’t pinch over 10 minutes. Unless, if you still see the blood comes out, then repeat the same thing.

5. Repeat All Steps for 15 Minutes

We know that the blood won’t stop immediately. Thus, if the blood keeps coming out, you need to repeat the steps above every 15 minutes. Remember, if the blood is getting more, see the doctor right away. Watch every symptoms or reaction happens. Also, remember why you get the nose blood. This needs to be confirmed to the doctor.

It is easier when an adult who gets nose bleed. Once it happens to your kids, then encourage your kids to be calm and follow the steps how to stop nose bleed above. If you think ice cube can help, then use it is okay. But in fact that ice cannot stop the blood.

How To Prevent High Cholesterol Easily Since Now

Cholesterol can make your body feel bad. If the bad cholesterol is high, you will be easier to get sick, and hard to recover. Before it happens, here are 6 things of how to prevent high cholesterol that you can easily do every day.

1. Drink A Lot Of Water

Water sometimes be an essential thing for the body but forgotten by people. They rather drink coffee, tea, or alcohol than water.

The first answer while you asking how to prevent high cholesterol is to drink more water. This simple thing can make your digestive system work better.

It can push out any toxic inside your body. Any unnecessary things also can be pushed out easier with water.

Furthermore, it also can unleash your blood circulation. If you are going to prevent some illnesses or heal it, mineral water really can help you a lot.

2. Eat More Vegetable And Fruit

Then, you can eat more healthy food like vegetables and fruit. This is a great choice to make while you are still young.

Vegetable has a lot of vitamin and some minerals. It can prevent some dangerous illnesses. Even the taste is not better than junk food, the habit to eat vegetable can guide you to a healthier life.

Vegetable and fruit actually can let your stomach feel full longer. It can prevent you to eat more junk food.

High cholesterol probability also can decrease because vegetables and fruit don’t bring too much cholesterol cause. Eat them every day, twice or in all of your eating time then find out that your body is more fresh and healthy.

3. Do Sport

The third things about how to prevent high cholesterol are by doing sport. You can choose whatever kind of sport you do.

If you like swimming, running, or anything else just make it a routine. Sport can help your body to stay fit.

It unleashes your blood circulation, pushes out the toxins through your sweat and also makes your muscles trained well. With more movement, by doing sport your body will feel lighter.

4. Eat More Omega 3 Food

Omega 3 definitely has a great value for health. It has omega 3 fatty acid which can increase your good cholesterol.

It won’t help you a lot while the bad cholesterol number is high. It won’t decrease them. But before it goes high, you can eat more omega 3 fatty acids to increase the good cholesterol.

This fatty acid exists in some fish, such as salmon, tuna, and any other fish which can easily meet in restaurants or markets. You can use those fish to replace beef or pork in your meal menu.

5. Reduce Eating Fatty Beef

Fatty beef contains some nutrient which can increase your bad cholesterol. If you really want to eat beef, choose the less fat one.

Fat from the beef can ruin the heart’s work. It also hard to digest because there is less fiber in it.

It would be better if you can balance the beef-eating with vegetables, fruit, and drink more water. You must do some sport too after eating this food to help your digestive and blood circular works well.

6. Drink Green Tea

The next thing you can do to prevent high cholesterol os by drinking green tea. You can drink a cup every day.

Nutrients inside green tea can reduce bad cholesterol absorption to the body. If the absorption is decreased, the body will prevented from high cholesterol automatically.

More than that the green tea also has some benefit for health and has a fresh taste. You will like to drink it every day just like the ancient people did.

Preventing cholesterol must be done since you were young. Don’t wait for any longer to do this because if its too late, the bad cholesterol will ruin your health.

Those are 6 things of how to prevent high cholesterol you can do every day. Once again, don’t wait until old, just start now and have a healthy life.

How to Remove Headache Instantly at the Office

Headache can come anytime, no matter when you are in meeting with the client, running the deadline, or briefing your team. Headache is a problem that actually no need to be worried. But, once it gets harder and followed by other symptoms, then you need to see the doctor. However, there are a lot of things you can do as the first aid. In this article, you can find how to remove headache when you are at the office.

Of course, a headache might come due to stress. So, you need to manage your stress throughout the day. Spreading the task, manage the deadline, and have an effective workflow can help you to minimize headache attack. But if the headache finally comes, below are our tips about how to remove headache easily. Try one of them and hopefully can heal the pain:

1. Get Caffeine

Taking some caffeine is not only relax your mind but also can reduce the headache. The caffeine will work like acetaminophen in your body. Surprisingly, the caffeine is better than that medicine. You can get caffeine from anything, not only coffee, it could be from tea, chocolate, and many more. But remember, you need to set the limit. If you take it too much, you probably get the other type of headache.

2. Stop Chewing

While you are having the caffeine, try not to chew anything. You might think that chewing something can release the pain. Well, that is totally wrong because the headache probably comes from your teeth. When you are using it and the nerves are attacked. So, just drink more water and avoid biting food, especially the hard ones.

3. Control the Lights

Dimming the light is another solution too. A headache can come from the light, such as your computer radiation, too bright the lamp, or even the sunlight. That is why some people need sunglasses when they are outside. The longer you allow your headache because of the light, you potentially get blackout.

4. Ease Pressure

A woman sometimes makes a ponytail for their hair. When you feel a headache, it is better to release the pressure. Or, just take off your ponytail for a while. The headache is probably from the tight ponytail. The other pressures might come from the hat, swim glasses, or a headband. Anything that hugs your head tightly may be the cause of the pain.

5. Get a Cold Pack

A cold pack can help the headache. You can ask the office boy/girl to take the ice cube bag. After that, put it on your head for about 15 minutes. Have a break for a while, then put it again until the pain is reduced. Move to the forehead side and do the same thing. It will relax you at the same time too.

The other easiest way is by having a massage. It will help to relax the tight nerve. But we know that it is quite difficult to massage your head and back neck while the headache is attacked. The tips about how to remove headache above are easy to do. If the pain is already gone, don’t work directly after that. Have a little more time to break and get your balance back.

Natural Home Remedy Nerve Pain

Nerve pain could be very painful and annoying at the same time. Every people have a different position with a different feeling. Some people get nerve pain in the foot or arm and head. While others have in on their neck, back and even in their tooth. As for the pain itself, it could a stabbing pain, a burning feel or a chronic prickling. Usually, people heal the pain by medical drugs. However, there is some simple natural home remedy nerve pain.

Nerve pain is usually caused by some medical conditions like a side effect from medication or chemotherapy and also diabetes. When the pains come, do not rush to go to the hospital or the doctor. There is some natural home remedy nerve pain. It might not treat the pain for the long term but it would at least heal it for a moment. To know more about it, here are the details below.

1. The Delicious Ginger

A healthy yet tasty way to heal pain while in a home is Ginger. Research in 2013 proved that ginger has the same effect as a medical drug in relieving pain. However, ginger is healthier since it is a natural herb. Ginger contains some herbal ingredients that could not only prevent the bad formation in the body. But it also breaks down the cause of the pain.

2. The Spicy Capsaicin

Another natural home remedy nerve pain is capsaicin. It is one category with chili peppers. Capsaicin could reduce muscle, joint, and nerve pain. This is because there is a chemical that stops the pain signals to a human’s brain. Of course, to heal the pain, people do not eat it directly. However, the capsaicin is available in gel and cream form. People could use up to three or four times a day.

3. The Tasty Valerian Root

Valerian root is could also help people nerve their pain. Usually, valerian root is served as a tea. Not only it is natural pain relief but people also drink it for other health problems. For example, tension, stress, insomnia, and anxiety. How to root works is by reducing the nerve sensitivity which allows the pain to decrease.

4. The Presence of Magnesium

Magnesium is another natural ingredient that could help people cure pain. Not only for pains but also it is could heal muscle and migraines as well. One of the foods that is rich with magnesium is pumpkin seed and sunflower seeds. However, not all people like to eat these grains.

5. The White Willow Bark

Just like aspirin, a white willow bark could heal the pain. However, this natural herb could irritate the stomach, so it is important to consume it after eating meals. On the other side, the white willow bark is effective to relieve pain, fever, and inflammation. The daily dose of this herb is a maximum of two drops full of white willow bark.

Natural herbs could be a great home remedy nerving pain. As an addition, apply some essential oils on the pain area as well to help the pain gone faster. If the pain is remaining or even stronger, it is better to visit the doctor.

How To Cure Frostbite with Effective Treatment

Frostbite is a condition of body tissue that is frozen and damaged by low temperatures. The parts of the body that are often affected by frostbite are the ears, feet, nose, hands, and nose. This disease can make serious injury and you must know how to cure frostbite.

Frostbite takes several weeks to recover. Patients may loose skin, fingers and feet and experience disability and discoloration of the skin. Therefore, before the disease becomes very severe, it must be treated properly. Here are how to cure frostbite you need to know:

1.     Take To A Warm Place

If you get frostbite, the first thing you have to do is get out of the cold source as soon as possible. In addition, you should go to a warmer place. The faster you do this, the greater you have a full recovery.

If you still use shoes and socks, don’t forget to take them off. After that, to keep your feet warm, place a blanket on your feet. If you are outside, you can warm your frozen hand by putting it in the armpit.

2.     Use Warm Water

How to cure frostbite is you should get rid of cold sources. In addition, you can also soak the parts of your body affected by frostbite with warm water. Moreover, this is also useful for blood circulation for the parts of your body that has frostbite.

In addition, soaking in warm water can also relax the nerves and muscles in your body. The best temperature is 40 ° to 41 ° C and soaks them for at least 30 minutes.

3.     Keep The Position Of The Body Part Affected By Frostbite Higher

Elevating your position can reduce numbness in your body parts. A high position can also help improve blood circulation. After the blood flow to the affected area returns to normal, the numbness will disappear.

You can put your frozen hands and feet on several pillows to keep them high. Moreover, you should sit in a chair that has a high back if your ear or nose is affected by frostbite. In addition, you also have to bend your neck back.

4.     Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is very important in curing this disease because it can help improve blood circulation. In addition, ginger also contains compounds such as gingerol and zingerone, which have a warming effect on the body.

So, drinking ginger tea can produce good blood circulation. You should drink this 2 or 3 times a day. If you like honey, you can add honey to make your tea tastier.

5.     Apply Aloe Vera

You can use aloe vera to heal your skin because it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps calm inflammation. In addition, this can also reduce pain and eliminate other discomforts and also helps prevent further skin damage.

In addition, aloe vera can also improve tissue healing. If you are keen on trying it, cut the leaves of the aloe vera to extract the gel. Apply this gel to the affected part and you will feel the gel absorbing in your skin.

Now you know how to cure frostbite properly. However, you should know that there is severe frostbite so that only doctors can cure it. To prevent frostbite, you should dress appropriately if you go when it is cold or windy.