Diet Menu For Colonoscopy You Better Follow Through

There are lots of vital organs that should be protected. The colon becomes one of these vital organs. As a human you have to protect it as well as possible, right? However, you might get a complaint in your colon. Therefore, colonoscopy has appeared. It is the medical procedure to detect any abnormalities in your colon. So, you can do preventive action for your colon. One of these actions is doing a diet. It is why you should know about the diet menu for colonoscopy.

As you know there are lots of diet menus right now. But sometimes that diet menu is no suitable for your body condition. If you have a colonoscopy, you should choose a different diet menu, right? In addition, it also helps you to keep healthy in the colonoscopy period. Here are the diet menus that you can try.

1. White Fish

This is one of the diet menus that you can try. White Fish is one of the soft fish suitable for you. After a colonoscopy, the doctor will recommend you to eat soft food, right? Therefore, white fish can be the best food for you. You also will get the protein from the fish. In addition, you still in the diet procedure for your colonoscopy.

2. Potatoes Without Skin

One of the important things in the diet menu is carbohydrates. Therefore, potatoes can be one of the best carbohydrates for you. But, you have to remember that you have to peel your potatoes before. If you peeled your potatoes, it will be the best diet menu for colonoscopy for you. As you know that potato with skin avoids for colonoscopy. You will get a bad effect if you eat potatoes with the skin.

3. Ripe Bananas

As you know before that doctor recommends you to eat soft food. This applies to all types of food including fruit. Therefore, ripe bananas will be the best fruit for you. If you are a juice lover, you can juice it too. In addition, the ripe bananas also will help your colon be better soon.

4. Eggs

It is one of the other protein that you can eat. Besides white fish, you can also find lots of protein in the eggs. It can be your alternative food if you don’t get white fish. You can find 13gram protein in the one egg. For your diet menu, you can eat this egg every morning. It will also help your colon to recover from its complaint. It can be the best diet menu for colonoscopy, right?

5. Soup

Are you soup lovers? Don’t be afraid, you still can eat soup after coloscopy. Soup also one of the recommended food for you. But, not every soup you can eat. You have to choose soft soup for your coloscopy. You can not eat spicy soup for your coloscopy. Spicy soup has a bad effect on your colon.

Diet Menu For Colonoscopy You Better Follow ThroughThose are the best diet menu for colonoscopy that you can try. Some of these foods are really healthy food. You will get lots of vitamins from these foods, right? But, the most important thing is to avoid spicy and hard food. Spicy and hard food will give a bad effect on your colon. So, prove it now and get your healthy body.