How to Stop Nose Bleed As Home Remedy

Maybe one day you will find your nose bleeding. It is okay and doesn’t be too worried. As you know that inside your nose there are blood vessels. Those small vessels potentially bleed by many causes. For example, when your nose gets hit, the nose gets dried out, and others. If you are at home, you still can do the treatment as first aid. In this article, we will let you know how to stop nose bleed alone at home.

However, the nose bleed can be a symptom as a serious problem. When the blood doesn’t stop for more than 20 minutes and the blood is getting more and more, then you need to see the doctor immediately. Or, if you are getting hard to breath, there is no excuse more not to go to the hospital. But once you see the blood comes out, here are how to stop nose bleed:

1. Watch Your Sit Position

If you see your nose bleeding when you are standing, then take a sit right away. Sit upright and try to lean forward slowly. This position prevents the blood goes down to your throat. Because you will be choking or vomiting once it happens. We know that you will be hard to breathe. So, focus to inhale and exhale through your mouth. Be calm and manage your breath.

2. Don’t Pack Your Nose

Some people take a tissue, small towel or cotton bud, then push the nose to stop the blood. Actually, this doesn’t help you at all. Instead of trying to stop bleeding, just wipe the blood when it comes out. If you push up your nose, that will make everything is worse. Because the vessels will get irritated and your blood won’t stop.

3. Spray a Decongestant

If you have a decongestant, then take it and spray to your nose. The decongestant could be Afrin or something that can tighten blood vessels inside your nose. Besides it helps to make the bleeding slower, the decongestant relieves inflammation and congestion too. You can spray it three times to the nose where the blood comes out.

4. Pinch Your Nose

Pinching your nose softly can also stop the bleeding. Pinch at the below of nasal bones for up to 10 minutes. It helps to compress the blood vessels and stop the blood. Don’t pinch over 10 minutes. Unless, if you still see the blood comes out, then repeat the same thing.

5. Repeat All Steps for 15 Minutes

We know that the blood won’t stop immediately. Thus, if the blood keeps coming out, you need to repeat the steps above every 15 minutes. Remember, if the blood is getting more, see the doctor right away. Watch every symptoms or reaction happens. Also, remember why you get the nose blood. This needs to be confirmed to the doctor.

It is easier when an adult who gets nose bleed. Once it happens to your kids, then encourage your kids to be calm and follow the steps how to stop nose bleed above. If you think ice cube can help, then use it is okay. But in fact that ice cannot stop the blood.