How to Wash Your Hands Properly to Prevent The Spread of COVID-19

Now the world is in an uproar with the COVID-19 outbreak that has almost infected the entire country. Moreover, the WHO recommends that everyone diligently wash their hands properly. So, this is the right time for you to know how to wash your hands properly to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

This is because many people have been washing hands carelessly. Washing your hands properly is one way to prevent the transmission of this dangerous virus. So, these are the steps you need to take to wash your hands properly:

1. Wet Hands with Water and Use Soap

When you wet your hands, make sure you wash them with clean, running water. Then, use enough handwashing soap to thoroughly. Not required to use a special soap, but it is better if you use hand-washing soap that has antiseptic or antibacterial.

This is because soap containing antiseptic or antibacterial can more quickly kill viruses and germs. However, if you only have the usual hand washing soap, you can also still use it.

2. Rub the Soap on the Palm

When you put soap on your hands, make sure you have put it thoroughly. After you make sure the soap you put thoroughly, rub your palms together in a circular manner. The goal is that the soap foam can clean your palms.

3. Rub the Back of the Hand

The next way how to wash your hands properly is by rubbing the back of the hand. Rub the back of your hand so that the soap can clean germs and viruses evenly. This is the part that is often missed because usually many people just rub their palms.

Make sure you rub and apply soap to all parts of the back of the hand evenly. Then, rub your palms together and between your fingers.

4. Rub The Fingers, Between Fingers And The Back of The Fingers

You can clean your fingers by doing interlaced positions. This position cannot only help clean your fingers but also clean between your fingers. Then, you can clean the back of the finger by interlocking. Make sure you clean all your fingers, both in your right hand and left hand.

After that, don’t forget to clean your thumb on your right hand and left hand. Make a circular motion to clean the thumb and do it alternately. You need to pay attention to this part because the thumb is often the part of the hand that is rarely cleaned properly.

5. Rub the Tip of the Nail

The tips of your fingers are the most likely parts of a virus or germ to hide in the skin of your hand. Especially if the germ or virus is covered by nails. Therefore, do not neglect to rub this part while washing your hands.

To clean the tips of the nails, clasp fingers the left hand in the right hand and vice versa. And then, do the rotational rubbing, backward and forwards, and make sure you clean all the tips of your right and left fingers. If you have children, make sure your children wash their fingertips properly because they often pass this part.

6. Rinse and Dry Your Hands

If you’ve done all the steps above about how to wash your hands properly above, rinse your hands. After all parts of the hands are clean, you can dry them with a towel or you can use disposable wipes. Wash the towel immediately that you use to dry your hands or throw the disposable tissue in the trash.

Now you already know how to wash your hands properly to prevent transmission of COVID-19. Wash your hands for at least 20 minutes so that the Coronavirus completely disappears from your hands. Also, avoid holding your eyes, nose, and face before washing your hands properly.