What To Eat When Have Sore Throat? Try These 5 Foods!

Sore throat is an inflammatory condition in the pharynx, which is the back of the throat. This condition causes pain and discomfort when eating. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you are confused about what to eat when have sore throat.

What to eat when have sore throat

Pain when swallowing sometimes makes it difficult for people with a sore throat and refuse to eat and drink. Whereas, the body still needs nutrition to support healing from the disease. If you are still asking what to eat when have sore throat, here are the foods that you should consume:

1. Broth Soup

The broth soup will provide comfort and the steam will help relieve breathing. These foods also contain healthy nutrients and antioxidants. Garlic in this soup will help reduce inflammation. This is because garlic contains antibacterial, which can increase the body’s immunity.

Add turmeric to the broth soup to get curcumin, which suppresses inflammation. Curcumin performance will be more effective if you add piperin. You can get piperine from black pepper, which will help heal your sore throat.

2. Sweet Potato and Cinnamon

Sweet potatoes have two main substances in enhancing the body’s immune system. The main substances are vitamins A and C. Sweet potatoes also contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. Its soft texture is also comfortable for consumption when sore throat.

To make it taste even better, you can also add cinnamon powder. Cinnamon can help fight viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the throat. Mix the sweet potato mixture, mash it with spices, and add honey.

3. Banana and Oatmeal

Antioxidants and magnesium in oats will reduce inflammation. In addition, the zinc content will improve the body’s immune system. The fiber is also filling and easy for your body to digest.

Add bananas to oatmeal for vitamin C content and antioxidants. Both of these foods are also very soft, so it’s easy for you to swallow. Now, you already know what to eat when have sore throat, right?

4. Smoothie

You can make smoothies with complete ingredients; for example, you can mix some fruits and vegetables. In addition to being full, this smoothie can also be your daily nutritional needs. This is suitable for those of you who are lazy to eat or have difficulty in swallowing food.

You will get protein, carbohydrates, good fats, and vitamins if you consume smoothies. If you want something more filling, you can choose fruits or vegetables that have a lot of carbohydrate content.

5. Honey

This is most appropriate to relieve coughing, inflammation, or sore throat. The natural sweet ingredient in honey is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. No wonder if honey has properties that are equivalent to sore throat medicine.

If you prefer organic ingredients, Manuka honey or raw honey can be an option because it contains high-quality antibiotics. Add honey to the tea or oatmeal, or drink it directly to cure your sore throat.

Those are 5 foods that can heal your sore throat. Now you don’t need to be confused anymore about what to eat when have sore throat. Choose soft foods that are easy for you to swallow. Avoid foods that contain lots of oil so that your pain doesn’t get worse.